Treating and Curing Wounds


An infected wound is the main concern to every injury or damage on the skin. It is a complicate process and making sure the wound is given proper care and treatment will result to a healthy natural process of skin cells recreation and less scarring leaving the skin well-toned to the best possible recovery.

The wound begins healing when you ensure there is no infection and this is done by ensuring you use the most effective formulated medicine to assist the wound to heal. The most reliable method is the use of topical products such as from that minimise scarring and speed up healing.

Essential oils such as tea tree oil have benefits like high antimicrobial and works as an antiseptic killing all the bacteria, fungi and any other infectious organisms. It is also an immune booster and gives your body the ability to act quick when attached by any infectious organisms. These organisms impair the wounds process of healing, causes the reddish coloring around the wound, fluids build up resulting to pain hence one should make sure the wound is not infected.

Tea tree oil is recommended for simple wounds and acne for small Infections apply the oil on a bandage and make sure to change it after twenty four hours.
Calendula a topical treatment which has been used for centuries to treat many skin conditions proved to be the most efficient method of healing wounds and is still used up to date. It can be used on all stages of a wound speeding up the reconstruction of tissues and also the quick clotting of the blood keeping the wound dry hence speeding up the process of healing.

Calendula also stops the swelling which delays the wound from closing and prolonged pain all this is due to its antimicrobial effect. When the wound begins to heal, use of calendula helps in rapid regeneration of the tissues, strengthens and fastens the contraction of the wound. Calendula is in cream form and is simply applied on the wound.

Wound healing is generally determined by the level of nutritional and dietary status and the more stable your diet gets the higher the quality of tissue regeneration hence the faster the healing process of the wound. Vitamin C and zinc are the most important nutrients in wound repair and healing. Vitamin C creates good blood circulation in the entire wound but generally the two nutrients assist in the production of collagen hence added nutritional supply at in terms of diet is adviced.

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